Ought to Be Fishing Charters with Capt Kerry
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Ought to Be Fishing Charters with Capt Kerry


Map & Directions

DIRECTIONS - From I-10 West, take Exit 246 A-B to merge onto I-510 S/LA-47 S Chalmette/Little Woods

- Merge LEFT towards Chalmette - continue on LA-47 S for 5.8 miles - Turn LEFT at E Judge Perez Dr/ LA-39 (Shell Station on left corner)

- continue for 8.1 miles - Turn LEFT at E LA 46 (Gulf Coast Bank and Trust on left).

- This will be a 4 lane hwy. If you accidently pass this turn up, you will arrive at the end of Judge Perez, which is also hwy 46 but it is a 2-lane. You will need to turn around and go back to the 4-lane.

- continue on LA 46 for 8 miles.


- Turn LEFT at Florissant Hwy/LA-46 (at the STOP sign)

- Continue for 4.7 miles - Go over drawbridge and turn LEFT onto YSCLOSKEY HWY/LA-624

- Continue on road, which will turn hard right.   Past hard right turn, boat dock will be roughly a mile and some change Address is 1623 Yscloskey Hwy St. Bernard LA 70085 (but make note most gps will not bring you to the address).


Take left at drawbridge and head to address 1623 Yscloskey Hwy. Look for a blue shed on left just past a dark green camp with a metal roof.  Directly across the street is the camp.

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