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Born and raised on the marshes, bayous, and bays of southeast Louisiana, there are few people who know more about catching fish than Capt. Kerry Audibert, Jr. The New Orleans native spent much of his youth exploring the vast regions near his family's camp on Cox Bay, on the east side of the Mississippi River in lower Plaquemines Parish.

Thinking back on his early years ,he cannot remember many times when he was not holding a rod and reel. In the prolific estuaries here, there was never any problem catching limits of speckled trout, redfish, flounder and other species. He learned the fundamentals from his father and uncles, who are serious veteran anglers.  And at the age of 10, Audibert was allowed to take his father's 17-foot boat to fish the nearby waters.

Several years later he purchased his first boat and ventured even further out into other areas. Each day on the water was a new learning experience. He quickly realized that he was surrounded by an aquatic paradise that is worldly renown as the lower Mississippi River Delta.

This is a particularly amazing region that some say is rivaled by only two other places in the world - the Nile and Amazon basins. "I now know why they call it Sportsman's Paradise," Audibert said. I've been very fortunate to have grown up here. I have no doubt Breton Sound produces speckled trout like no other coastal estuary in south Louisiana."  

Consistency in the numbers and sizes of speckled trout caught here are what sets Breton Sound apart from the rest of the state. Audibert has taken his game to the next level by establishing Ought To Be Fishing Charters (504) 259-5304.

He specializes in putting customers on speckled trout, arguably the most popular species in the Gulf South. And with a sprawling region such as Breton Sound, finding and catching limits of specks has never been a problem. Customers can also target tackle-busting redfish from the marsh interiors to the countless rigs and gas platforms in the open waters of the bays. Audibert makes no secret that his favorite species to target is big speckled trout. He uses live croakers, the baitfish of preference among trophy trout masters across the Gulf Coast. He will also use live shrimp in certain times of the year. But because of the diversity of this vast region there is a myriad of species that anglers may want to target. Red drum or redfish has become extremely popular in recent years. Also known as the "Cajun Bonefish," redfish will give anglers a fight they will remember forever. Redfish can be caught year round with bull reds ranging from 20 to 40 pounds at the oilfield structures in the open waters of Breton Sound. In addition to speckled trout and redfish there are many other species that are caught here year round including black drum, sheepshead and flounder. In early spring the speckled trout emerge from the marsh interiors and out onto the bays where they will feed over oyster reefs, drop-offs and shelves.

Customers with Ought To Be Fishing Charters generally have no problem in catching their limits. Louisiana's liberal limits allow customers to keep 25 speckled trout per angler, per day. Anglers can keep up to five redfish, per person, with one being longer than 27 inches. "Wherever the fish are - that's where we'll be fishing," Audibert said. "Starting in the spring the specks move over the oyster reefs in Black Bay and California Bay. Then in the summer we move out to fish the offshore structures, the wells and the wrecks." Experience has been the key in his success. Audibert knows Breton Sound so well that he can find areas to fish in almost any condition. Because of the incredible size of the Breton Sound, Audibert often travels long distances to reach the hottest areas. Depending of the changing seasons, migration patterns of the fish, wind and weather conditions, Audibert carefully plans each trip, customizing it to meet the individual needs of every customer. He has always placed a strong emphasis on personally attending to his clients. "I'll make suggestions, but I've learned that it's important to listen to what my guests want," he said. "Depending on the type of trip we decide on, dictates the area that we will fish." Guests with Ought To Be Fishing Charters will experience some of the finest interior and coastal fishing in the country.

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